Authentic Mexican

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  • Menudo Topping (0.75 oz)

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  • Mole Poblano

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    For centuries, the people of Mexico have enjoyed a unique and traditional sauce called Mole. Its exact origin is unknown, but it’s believed to come from one of three states: Puebla, Oaxaca or Tlaxcala.

  • New Mexico Ground Chili (4 oz)

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  • Onion, Chopped

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    Onions along with garlic and leeks have been used since the beginning of time to add flavor to most dishes or became a dish all in their own. Chopped Onion can be added to almost every main dish. They add a little spice and flavor without the heat.

  • Onion, Minced

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    Bolner’s Fiesta Brand Minced Onion can be used in almost any cuisine. Minced onions can even be used as a main ingredient for soups and dips, sprinkled onto a fresh salad, used as a condiment, or sautéed with a little butter until caramelized and sweet.

  • Oregano, Mexican

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    It has been said that Oregano was first brought to the West by soldiers stationed in Italy during WWII, who fell in love with its “pizza like” flavor. Since then, Oregano has been an adapted and welcomed addition to many dishes.

  • Picadillo Ole’ (5 oz)

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    Picadillo is a comfort food that is a commonly served as a side dish or stand-alone meal in many Latin-American countries.

  • Pico de Gallo con Limon (5 oz)

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    A flavorful blend of garlic, paprika, chili peppers and Mexican spices, Bolner's Fiesta Brand Pico de Gallo con Limon has all the flavors of fresh pico de gallo in an easy–to-use seasoning.

  • Pinto Bean Seasoning

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    Pinto Bean Seasoning

  • Quick Chili Mix (5 oz)

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    The perfect blend of chili peppers, garlic, paprika, and spices, Bolner's Fiesta Brand Quick Chili Mix gives you authentic chili flavor with a fraction the preparation time.

  • Spanish Rice Seasoning

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    A flavorful blend of garlic, onion, and Mexican spices, Bolner's Fiesta Brand Spanish Rice Seasoning yields perfectly tender Spanish rice each and every time.

  • Taco Seasoning

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    If you are craving that authentic Mexican flavor for your tacos, look no further than Bolner's Fiesta Brand Taco Seasoning – a flavorful blend of garlic, paprika and spices, this taco seasoning is the only one you will ever use.