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Lynwood Farms Veggie Sprinkles

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Product Description

Lynwood Farms Veggie Sprinkles

Turn plain steamed veggies into a hot and flavorful side dish with Lynwood Farms Veggie Sprinkles, a delicious blend of onion, bell pepper, salt and spices.

If you ever find yourself getting bored with your usual side dishes of steamed veggies, add some Lynwood Farms Veggie Sprinkles to spice things up a bit. Made with a delicious blend of seasonings, Lynwood Farms Veggie Sprinkles are the perfect way to add a little zest to just about any cooked vegetable. Sprinkle a little over steamed, boiled or stir-fried vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, green beans or carrots – you can also stir it into mashed potatoes or your favorite veggie casseroles. If you want to try something new and different, brush olive oil over an assortment of fresh peppers and barbecue them until tender. Sprinkle the peppers with Lynwood Farms Veggie Sprinkles and serve as a side dish with your favorite grilled meat.