Menudo Spice Mix

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4 oz. Menudo Spice Mix (medium jar) $3.72

16 oz. Menudo Spice Mix (restaurant size) $8.10


Menudo Spice Mix

A delicious blend of onion, garlic, chili peppers, and spices, Bolner’s Fiesta Brand Menudo Spice Mix yields the flavor of an authentic Mexican soup that has been left to simmer for hours.

Menudo is a traditional Mexican soup made with tripe and beef broth in a red chili pepper base. This soup is traditionally served with chopped onions and cilantro, flavored with fresh lime juice and crushed oregano. Authentic Mexican Menuda can take anywhere between 4 and 7 hours to make but, with Bolner’s Fiesta Brand Menudo Spice Mix, you can enjoy this tasty Mexican soup in no time at all. Made with only the freshest ingredients, this spice mix yields a thick and delicious Mexican-style soup that your family is sure to love. Serve it up for a holiday meal or save it for Sunday morning – it is great for curing hangovers!


Amounts per Serving: Calories 10g; Total Fat 0g (0%DV*); Sodium: 0mg (0%DV); Total Carb 2g (1%DV), Protein 0g. *Percent Daily Values (DV) are based on a 2,000 Calorie Diet.


Chili Peppers, Spices, Onion, Garlic and Silicon Dioxide (Free Flow Agent).


Menudo Recipe Menudo is best served piping hot with tortillas for dipping, and can be chilled and reheated for several days, which only intensifies the flavor.

  • 8 lb. tripe
  • 1 fresh pig's foot
  • 1 jar (4 oz.) or to taste Bolner's Fiesta Brand® Menudo Spice Mix
  • Water
  • Salt to taste
  • 1 28 oz. can of hominy
  • Chopped onion for garnish
  • Lemon juice

Put tripe, pig's foot, salt and water in a large heavy pot, bring to a boil, lower heat and simmer 2-3 hours. Add Bolner's Fiesta Brand® Menudo Spice Mix and hominy. Simmer 2-3 additional hours until tripe is tender. Serve in bowls topped with fresh chopped onion and a few drops of lemon juice.