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The Fiesta Story

Bolner’s Fiesta Products, Inc. is a family owned and operated company headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. The Bolner family is stubborn about quality and insistent on providing the most excellent customer service possible. They know spices…know where the best spices are grown, what improves flavor, how they should be stored, exactly how the spice should be handled and in which types of foods it should be used. The Bolner Family exhibits the qualities generally associated with artisans or craftsmen – attention to the smallest detail, an exacting and thorough knowledge of their craft, and a sense of excitement about presenting to their customers the very best and freshest product possible.

Tradition and Innovation
Clifton J. Bolner gained his experience in the food business by working in the family grocery store that his grandfather started in 1906. Clifton founded Bolner’s Fiesta Products in 1955 and today is joined by family members who manage the Sales, Marketing and Production teams of Fiesta. Soon after its beginning the company began purchasing spices from around the world. Today the company is importing spices from more than 60 countries and offers over 600 different product items.

The innovative melding of flavors has led to many popular specialty blends such as Fajita Seasoning, Brisket Rub and Texas Style Steak Seasoning just to name a few. Recognizing the Hispanic culture’s influence on Southwest cooking, Fiesta offers a full product line to create authentic Mexican dishes. This includes whole and ground chili peppers, Enchilada Seasoning, Carne Guisada Seasoning and the ever popular Tamale Kit.

Insisting on Quality
As a member of the prestigious American Spice Trade Association, Fiesta Products subscribes to all of its policies and practices. Additionally the family name is a prominent feature on every package, thus assuming the highest mark of quality and the guarantee of complete satisfaction.