Curing Salt



Bolner’s Fiesta Brand Curing Salt is the ideal blend of salt, sodium nitrite, and sodium bicarbonate, useful in curing and preserving all of your favorite meats.

Curing is a method of food preservation that dates back to ancient times, though it was only seriously developed during the 1800s. During the 19th century, it was discovered that the use of curing salt would delay the spoilage of meat and prevent the growth of bacteria. Curing salt was also popular for use in pickling meats and as part of the sausage-making process. The perfect blend of Salt and sodium nitrite, Bolner’s Fiesta Brand Curing Salt is the best curing salt to have on hand for all of your food preservation needs. Whether you are pickling meat, making your own sausage, or drying meat for jerky, keep a bottle of Bolner’s Fiesta Brand Curing Salt handy.

Use 4oz for 100 lbs of sausage or jerky.

Use 2 teaspoons for 10 lbs of meat