Seasoned Meat Tenderizer

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A delicious blend of salt, pepper, onion, garlic and spices, this Seasoned Meat Tenderizer ensures tender, flavorful meat each and every time.

This Seasoned Meat Tenderizer is a sure-fire way to turn even the simplest of meals into one that your taste buds will remember long after you have finished eating. A sprinkle of this seasoning blend will transform a plain cut of beef into a juicy, flavorful steak or a boring piece of chicken into a tasty meal that your whole family will love. To use this seasoning to get the most flavor out of your meat, sprinkle it on just before cooking then pierce the meat with a sharp knife at ½-inch intervals. For thicker cuts of meat, add the seasoning and let the meat rest at room temperature for 30 minutes before cooking. This seasoning can also be used to flavor fresh vegetables and salads.

Sprinkle BOLNER’S FIESTA BRAND® SEASONED MEAT TENDERIZER on your favorite meat, poultry or game at least 30 minutes prior to cooking or refrigerate up to 24 hours for maximum flavor development and tenderization. This all-purpose seasoning is excellent on vegetables, avocados, omelets, and salad. Try it on your favorite dish today!

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