Tamale Wrappers

tamale wrappers
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24 count Tamale Wrappers (cello bag) $3.07



This product has no significant nutritional value. Please contact us if you have any questions. Bolner's Fiesta Brand® is the mark of quality for garlic, spices, and seasonings. Our products are selected from the finest spice producing centers of the world. Only the best is packaged under the Bolner's Fiesta Brand® trademark. Thank you for shopping with us. Enjoy your purchase and tell a friend!


Tamale Wrappers (24 count)


Use these parchment tamale wrappers exactly as you would use real Corn Shucks, however, it is not necessary to separate, trim or soak these before use. Simply spread the masa, add the filling, and steam as your recipe requires. Remove before eating tamales.