Walk into any Italian restaurant or pizzeria and you’ll see crushed red pepper shakers right next to the salt and pepper.



Walk into any Italian restaurant or Pizzeria and you will see Crushed Red Pepper offered right next to the salt and pepper. Bolner’s Fiesta Brand Crushed Red Pepper is bright orange to red in color and offer a fiery heat that intensifies during cooking.

Red Peppers are made from a fruit bearing plant within the Capsicum family. The approximately 4-inch-long pods are fiery red to orange color with a strong bite and an intense heat that escalates during the cooking process.

Native to Mexico, Central America, the West Indies and parts of South America, crushed red pepper adds a mixture of heat, sweetness and smoky flavor that intensifies meals and tantalizes taste buds.

Discovered by the Spanish in the 1400s and then brought to Europe and the New World, crushed red pepper is now used in all different ethnic style cuisines. Used whenever a recipe calls for some added favor and a kick of heat, they are often added to spaghetti sauces, chowders, gumbos, soups, stews, sausage and pickling brine, as well as savory fried rice.

You’ll be hard pressed finding a Mexican, Cajun, Creole, Thai, Szechuan, or Indian recipe that couldn’t benefit from a sprinkle of crushed red pepper. At Bolner’s Fiesta Brand, we use the finest quality of Chili Peppers when making our savory Crushed Red Pepper. If your recipes need a dash of heat and an exciting boost of flavor,look no further. This is a “must have” addition to every pantry.