Bacon-Wrapped Wild Game

Bacon-Wrapped Wild Game plated

Bacon-Wrapped Wild Game

Fall is the season for pursuing unique flavors and our Wild Game Rub is an excellent choice for a wide variety of game and cooking techniques. It’s a quick and hassle-free way to enhance the natural flavor of the meat so grab a jar today and let our tradition and heritage become part of yours!



Game meat – large pieces of game, such as ham, shoulders, backstrap, geese, and duck
2 cups of oil
1 can of beer or 1 cup vinegar
4 teaspoons Fiesta Wild Game Rub
Slices of bacon (as required)



1) Mix ingredients together to create a marinade.
2) Marinade meat in refrigerator overnight, turning once.
3) Discard juices and slice game meat into bite sized pieces.
4) Wrap game in bacon slices and barbecue or bake over moderate heat until done
5) For geese and roasts cook about 3-4 hours, backstrap 45 minutes.
6) For smaller pieces (steaks, doves, quail, etc.) barbecue, bake, braise or fry as preferred.
PRO TIP: Sprinkle Fiesta Wild Game Rub on game at least two hours before cooking (overnight is best).

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